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Coming Events

Monthly Area Meetings

The Northern Alberta Area Meeting is held the second Sunday of every month. If that happens to fall on a holiday weekend, it is moved to the following Sunday.

Next Area Meeting:

Sunday June 11, 2023​
2:00 pm
Edmonton Alano Club + on Zoom.  

Come one, come all!

Meeting ID: 764 789 6172
Password: 27926

Website Liason & Changes

Please make change requests through:
Rachel: (780) 235-3332

River Rafting:  June 30 to July 3, 2023



Public Information Corner

Phone Number to PI Chairperson:
Larry (780) 716-3272


If you need C.A. Information of any kind, call anytime. Starter kit information for new meetings . . . literature . . . speakers for your school, association or event . . . copies of the meeting lists, etc. – call anytime. Leave a message if no answer.


Why not take the CA Public Information Online Survey? You can find it at:

Hospitals & Information Corner

H & I call: Dean (587) 937-8769

The H & I Committee is one of the most important in C.A. This is where we carry the message directly to the still suffering addicts.

World Delegate Corner

For details of the 2023 World Service Convention (May 25, 2023 – May 29, 2023) and the 2023 World Service Conference (to be announced), see the advisory letters on the mother website of Cocaine Anonymous at

Delegate Fund Voluntary Sponsorship Pledge

With the Freedom Fund you can pledge a monthly amount or make a one time contribution to the Delegate Fund.  If even a few members pledged a small amount regularly, we could easily achieve our goal of being able to fulfill our commitment to send our delegates to the World Service Conference and the Pacific North Regional Assembly each year. Pay a full yearly amount, or make monthly contributions directly to the Area Treasurer, or by placing them in an envelope marked “Delegate Fund” in the safe.

Quarterly Meetings of Northern Alberta Delegate Committee

Delegates meet on ongoing quarterly basis.

Unity Committee Corner

1rst Saturday in March of Each Year:
“Celebrate Around The World”

Statement of Purpose (From CA Worlds Website):
The purpose of Celebrate Around the World is to promote enthusiasm and unity within the fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous and financially support the fellowship’s effort to carry the message of recovery. It is suggested that all net proceeds be disbursed according to the Conference approved 70/30 Plan. It is suggested that any proceeds retained by the area be used towards sending their delegates to the WSC. It is suggested that each areas event be held on the 1st Saturday in March to promote CA unity.

(More will be revealed.)

Chips & Literature Corner


Christian (587) 937-1131

Archive Committee

Structures and Bylaws Page

Go here:


We’re here and we’re free!”

Certain information listed herein about the local event, the event location, event activities, and even the host city is included for informational purposes only; so that those attending the event looking for something to do during the event might have that information. The listing of such information here does not, nor should it imply affiliation, cooperation or endorsement of such venues, hotels, or activities by C.A. or by C.A. World Services. If you have further questions or concerns on this matter, please contact the Event Chair.