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The “Northern Alberta Area” of Cocaine Anonymous has meetings every day throughout Edmonton and the rest of northern Alberta.  See our meeting list page for meeting details.


24 HOUR HELP LINE: (780) 425-2715


  • Website Liaison & Changes:
    Rachel: (780) 235-3332
  • Public Information:
    Larry (780) 716-3273
  • Outreach:
    Cheryl (780) 728-7665
  • Hospitals & Institutions:
    Dean (780) 710-3569
  • Chips & Literature:
    Christian (587) 937-1131

Our Mailing Address is:

 Northern Alberta Area of Cocaine Anonymous
403-400 Silver Berry Road, NW
Edmonton, AB
T6T 0H1

The Cocaine Anonymous Help Line in Edmonton is (780) 425-2715. Leave a message if there is no answer. Someone will call you back.

Calgary and the Southern Alberta Area

If you are looking for Calgary or elsewhere in the Southern Alberta Area of Cocaine Anonymous, that is a separate website which you can get to by clicking the link here.

We’re here and we’re free!”

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